Best home staging tips for 2022

By: Jeff Ham & Christy D'Oliveira

Best home staging tips for 2022

Tags: Best home staging tips for 2022

Staging your house the right way is one of the most critical steps in selling your property. The ultimate goal is to highlight your home's best features and show its potential. In this article, we have gathered a few simple hacks that will make your property look more attractive to potential buyers.

Rearrange the furniture (if needed)

In real estate, space is everything. For this reason, having as much open walking area as possible is so important. If you need to rearrange furnishings to make the place feel more spacious, don't be afraid to do it!  
After you have decluttered the property from small, unnecessary things, it will help create additional space. For example, any furniture that is surplus would be best put in storage. Also, try to put away damaged or mismatched furniture since it can create a bad impression.


One of the main goals of staging is to let potential buyers envision themselves living there. The best way to do this is to depersonalize the space. Although it is important for the house to have flair and charm, it shouldn't include items that are too personal. 

You can start by removing photos, which include the seller and their family. Make sure to check the refrigerator too! Ideally, clothes, shoes, skincare, and beauty products should be hidden from the sight as well.

Think about first impressions

Having the most spectacular interior won't help if your property isn't well looked after. The first impression is made within the first seconds of seeing the house. If weeds are growing out of the gutters, walls are chipped, and the doorbell doesn't work, it won't make the place particularly attractive.  
When staging a home, consider what you want the first thing potential buyers to see. Ensure you have great lighting, remove any clutter and assess whether the front door is in great shape.

Use greenery

Wellness has become an integral part of our lifestyle, which is why including houseplants in your staging is a great idea. Greenery doesn't just freshen up interior spaces, it can also boost our mood, increase creativity and reduce stress. Who doesn't want that?

In 2022, colourful plants and flowers are all the rage. Caladium, Genistea, and Oxalis are considered the trendiest, but even a bouquet of fresh flowers will do the trick just fine!

Brighten your rooms

Nobody likes a dark home. So to make the house more attractive, you should figure out how to allow more natural light to come in. The easiest way is to keep the blinds and curtains open. If that doesn't help, consider turning on the lights or even adding extra lighting (especially in the bedroom and kitchen area).

If you have the means, it is also a good idea to paint darker rooms in a lighter colour. This way, they will seem brighter.

Even in a seller's market, staging can make a huge difference. If you have questions about making your property more appealing to potential buyers or wish to sell your home, we will happily assist! Reach out to our team to discuss details.