4 Tips to Help Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

By: Jeff Ham & Christy D'Oliveira

4 Tips to Help Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Tags: Real Estate

When it is time to sell, it is important to make the most of your home's value. The rate of your property value can increase or decrease depending on many different factors, some of which you can't really impact, like demand for housing. However, there are some actions homeowners can take to ensure the appeal of their property is higher. We've gathered simple but valuable tips for boosting your home's resale value for your convenience.

Consider the first impression of your property

To draw the interest of buyers, your home must be attractive. That starts with the exterior. Think about how your home looks from the street. Creating a good impression is critical. The yard should make a potential buyer want to see more of your home. Plant some flowers, repaint your front door, and make sure the landscaping is well-maintained. 
These may seem like small details, but the truth is, they make all the difference. It is also important to ensure that the kitchen and bathroom look good. When they are outdated, it may affect the value of the home.

Improve your home's energy efficiency

The price of energy has skyrocketed in 2022. With the inflation rates rising in Canada, the bills are expected to increase even more. Due to this, energy-efficient home additions have become a big draw for buyers. If you are willing to go this path, it is best to hire a home energy auditor first. A professional will be able to identify which are the main weaknesses in your home. Once you know that, you can make real changes. 
There are many ways you can decrease your home's environmental impact. Switching to energy-efficient windows is one of the best options since your energy costs are expected to lower by up to 12%. Those who don't mind a larger project can consider installing solar panels.
Changing your old appliances to more modern upgrades is an easier but not as effective route.

Think about maintenance

Nobody likes hassles. Many people are hesitant about buying a house because they know it requires maintenance. If you wish to boost your home's resale value, replacing a major component before putting it on the market is a good idea. Whether the roof, the furnace, or even high-maintenance wood siding, switching up to something fresh can help you get a higher price.

Deep clean your home

You'd be surprised to know how much of a difference can a deep clean make. When you are showcasing your property to potential buyers or getting an appraisal, make sure to clean it properly. Get rid of clutter, clean the dust from all the high places and make sure your floors have had a good mop.
The thought of making renovations or repairs may seem exhausting, but the short-term hassles pay off in the long term. At The Fresh Approach, we guide our clients every step of the way. Request a consultation to discuss ways of boosting your property's value.