Meet Robbie Pitta

Robbie Pitta

Sales Representative

When I was little, I used to beg my parents to go to every open house we saw. I'd spend hours on the computer designing my dream home.  It was written in the stars that I was going to be involved in something to do with houses... I just hadn't figured it out yet. Having been born in Brazil, and spending many years of my life moving between Canada, Brazil, and the USA  gave me insights into the blessings and stressful moments of changing locations, and I’m always aware of that when I speak to clients.

At first I followed my aviation career becoming a flight attendant while also obtaining my pilots license. This allowed me to further strengthen my people skills, but also resolve conflict, communicate effectively, work well under pressure/stress and how to efficiently work as a team. After becoming a mother, aviation no longer made sense. I wanted to be present in a way that aviation would not allow me to be. Things finally clicked for me and I decided to deep dive into something I've always LOVED...  Real Estate. 

Now being a mother and also a stepmom to 2, I know the importance of having a home that functions for your family and the emotions that come along with that. I strive to provide my clients a stress-free and enjoyable experience, while protecting their best interests.  Not only does this feel extraordinary for the people that I help, but it motivates me to continue to work harder for my clients and for my family. I strive to make my clients so happy that they want to maintain long lasting relationships with me as well.